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Expert Consultation and Recommendation Program


RMDS Lab is proud to announce the launch of its Expert Consultation and Recommendation Program. As part of this program, RMDS Lab will connect individuals with suitable experts who will review their experience and help them to refine their application documents (resumes and cover letters) and their career goals. Individuals can choose from three options.


Option A:

Resume and cover letter analysis. Experts will review submitted resumes and cover letters and provide individuals with pertinent advice regarding grammar, content, and ways to leverage your experience to optimize your career potential. $75 per analysis.

Option B:

Talk to an expert. Individuals will submit resumes and cover letters and list issues they want to discuss. Experts will review their materials and have a one hour conversation with individuals to discuss their careers and address any questions they may have. All calls will be recorded for quality assurance. Clients will not be refunded if they fail to attend call. $100 per conversation.

Option C:

Build Relationships with Experts. Be considered for recommendations and more. Submit your materials for formal review. $50 per Assessment.


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